Project Alpha

Project Name: Pujada Nickel Project
Client: Mil-Oro Mining Corporation
Date Started: November 2015 – Present
Address: Sitio Alog, Brgy. Macambol, Mati City, Davao Oriental

Contact Person: Engr. Ruel Ginto
Contact Number: (02) 885-4598 / (02) 238-9882

Frasec Ventures Corporation (FVC) has recently signed the Mining Services Contract with Mil-Oro Mining Corporation (MMC) on 27 November 2015.

Under this Mining Services Contract, FVC is the sole General Contractor of Pujada Nickel Project of MMC located in Brgy. Macambol, Mati, Davao Oriental to develop and mine the limonite for the processing plant; and saprolite (DSO) for export.

The scope of works includes:

1) Development phase:

Construction of infrastructures and mine facilities, main mine haul and access roads, causeway, waste dumps, limonite stockyards, beneficiation saprolite yards, saprolite pier yards, environmental erosion & sediment control facilities such as settling ponds.

2) Mine operation phase:

Clearing & grubbing; waste stripping; limonite mining, hauling & stockpiling in preparation for the feed of the processing plant at 4 metric tons annually; saprolite mining, hauling, beneficiation, stockpiling, barging and ship-loading (direct shipping ore) at 2 metric tons annually; Maintenance of mine haul & access roads, waste dumps, limonite stockyards, saprolite beneficiation yards, saprolite pier yards, causeway and settling ponds.